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Cycle highways?

In words

What does your dictionary say: cycle highway, bike freeway or fast cycle route? It doesn't matter: you're looking for a nice, fast, cycle route. And here it is! Welcome to

Cycle highways are often built along railways, waterways or highways. They are high-quality cycling routes, simple and straightforward, for inter-city cycling trips. A backbone to which other cycle connections connect.

A cycle highway comes in many different guises: cycle street, cycle path, towpath, separate cycle lane, ... But whatever it looks like, your ride will be smooth and comfortable.

Are all cycle highways ready to use? No. Planning, construction and improvement are still ongoing. Do you want to know how your cycle highway is progressing and what projects are in the pipeline? Find your cycle highway using the search field above. Or plan a route. And you're off!

In figures
2700 km
2700 km
cycle highways in Flanders
8.000 cyclists
8.000 cyclists
per hour at some counting places
38 projects under construction
38 projects under construction
50 projects in preparation for construction
Who are we? is Belgium's official website about cycle highways. This website is an initiative of the five Flemish provincial authorities.

Together with our partners, we are building cycle highways that efficiently connect all the towns to each other, and are good for a network of 2700 kilometres. This is our way of encouraging you to leave the car at home and opt for the bicycle on a more regular basis.

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