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Welcome to Fietssnelwegen.be, the official government website for cycle highways. Your place for all information about cycle highways, bike freeways and fast cycle routes in Flanders and Brussels.

Fietssnelwegen.be is an initiative of the five Flemish provincial authorities: Antwerp, Limburg, East Flanders, Flemish Brabant, and West Flanders.

The Brussels Region (Brussels Mobile) is an intrinsic partner.

Our goal? To join forces in offering you all the information about cycle highways in one place. This will help you get to know the network of high-quality cycling routes between all Flemish cities. Good for more than 2,700 kilometres of cycle highways: now it's up to you to seek them out!

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To discover on this website:

Which routes are available, what is the trajectory? Where can you already cycle, where not yet? What is the quality of your route? Where and when will your cycle highway be designed, built or improved?

En also: design plans and detailed information per project, if available.

NEW: A route planner for your preferred route, via cycle highways of course!

Uniform signage: the route language on cycle highways

Maybe you’ve seen it already, the cycle highway logo on signs or on the ground. As soon as a cycle highway is ready, the route is signposted. And it is proudly embellished with the cycle highways logo: a blue triangle with a white F.

Registered logo

  • The F logo is a registered logo (owners: the 5 Flemish Provinces). This means that the logo is protected. It may only be used for the purpose for which it was developed (i.e. branding and wayfinding cycle highways), and only in the specified colour and shape.
  • A variant of the logo with a white letter C can be used in the Brussels Region and any other non-monolingual Dutch-speaking areas.


  • The F logo can only be used in its original proportions.
  • The blue colour, the shape and the font of the F (and any numbers) are fixed and cannot be altered.
  • F logos with a number are formatted according to the following pattern: 1 digit = next to the F, multiple digits = below the F.


Do you have a specific question about wayfinding, the use of the logo or a specific cycle highway? Please contact the appropriate province.

For general questions please contact info@fietssnelwegen.be.

Signage on F5
Signage on F5


Need a logo? You can download it here! (zipfiles)